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Hello Viki. Paul's show, Jan's question & a note to Singing WildMan.

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  • Rev. Dr. Tor Hershman <rev_tor@hotmail.c
    Most Noble Viki, You are most welcome. You will find that our Photo section shall soon have one of moi s F/Xed versions of your most lovely Yahoo profile
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2003
      Most Noble Viki, You are most welcome. You will find that our Photo
      section shall soon have one of moi's F/Xed versions of your most
      lovely Yahoo profile photo. Once again, Welcome. Maybe two version,
      I just had an idea.

      The airwaves of Boston must have been (insert adverb(s)/adjective(s)
      here) on Xmas night, Most Noble Paul. WPKN is surely a very advanced
      station to allow you to play moi on your show, thanks.

      Most Noble Jan., I would say that representations go as follows:
      Estragon (GoGo) is quite simply human endeavor limited by fear that
      could be defined as `lack of confidence', that keeps people `in their
      place(s)', be it real estate or a state of mind. Be it King of the
      Road or King of Nepal. The fear to be seen as having been,
      incorrec!. This `terror of facing truth' is wonderful for building
      an empire - but - tis', `twas & shall be, when the empire is built,
      that which has engineered empire construction ~ disassembles, also.
      Estragon would best displayed, in music, by my TCS - Movement
      #4 "Enclosed Enclosures."
      Vladimir (DeeDee) Is the human capacity toward self-deception. He
      represents the level of selfishness & greed that makes people
      function as though they are doing something that hasn't been
      preprogramed by evolution. He is the new shoes, new home, new war
      will make us happy part & parcel of the human psyche. A short memory
      of extremely elongated events. If I were going to classify him
      musically, I would use my "TCS - Movement #3 "Rhythm Hymn" Now! the
      question: `Did GoGo become this through nature or nurture'? Master
      Beckett answers this question most clearly, nurture (or more aptly -
      lack of) is the `how'.
      Pazzo is government. He treats Lucky with such sardonicism not
      because of what Lucky is or was, but rather for what he could/should
      have been, but never even tried to be. All the while knowing, not
      deep down inside [Medulla oblongata area] but rather, most
      ethereally, [lightly upon highest and most delicate folds of the
      Cerebrum] that is was he, Pazzo, that denied po' Lucky the
      opportunity. Pazzo hates himself for being the ruler of what he dubs
      Lucky, po' Lucky has the noose but prefers the goose, of Pazzo's
      Watch any televised lottery show and you'll see Lucky. Also note:
      have you ever heard of a mathematically brilliant statistical
      engineer winning the lottery? `Power Cry of Desperation Ball
      Jackpot'. All of us, at one point or all points, are Lucky. There
      but for the seeming grace of random chance go I; may random chance
      seem to favor you, praise random chance!
      Little Boy is the clergy.

      Oh yes! Jan, Ringo, in my "The Doctor is In" sound file,
      issssssssssss perhaps hidden within the camel butt or perhaps not
      there at all. It is the looking for Ringo that plays the part and
      parts the play.

      Most Noble Singing Wildman, it is OK to say 'fuck' here. You can use
      the fuction sign 'ƒ' [alt + 1 + 3 + 1] to sneak it by on other boards.
      The ƒuck I say.

      Best Regards,

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