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Re: Caesar Bush appoints Dick Army to play Biggus Dickus

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  • Trara
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    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 7, 2004
      xoxoxoxoxoxo Trara

      --- In Tor_Hershman@yahoogroups.com, "TOR" <dhershman00@h...> wrote:
      > The newly appointed committee will nominate a special council that
      > shall sanction an ad hoc bureau that will appropriate funds and
      > format titles for the special investigator's dispersal to the
      > officer who will verify and authorize the directorate to establish,
      > estimate and consider considering estimating an establishment for
      > sub-committee's reliance upon the chamber's authentication of the
      > parliamentary syndicate's evidence and to juxtaposition the
      > commission and board's reactions to the assembly's deliberation
      > pass this on to the advisory administration that will seek judicial
      > and executive managerial judgements concerning the legislature's
      > preparation of a lawful administrative portfolio to accelerate the
      > process and bring this matter to a speedily and well considered
      > expeditious and thoughtfully hastened contemplatively eager
      > to be given to the newly appointed committee posthaste at an
      > indeterminate date.
      > NewFlash..... this just in.....
      > Due to the, videotaped, horridly heinous kidnaping and subsequent
      > murder of a child this week, the Administration has called for the
      > immediate, thoughtful and tempered bombing of all sidewalks within
      > the contiguous United States.
      > The Administration's spokesperson, Dr. N. E. Origin Fascist,
      > that, "These sorties will sort of sort out all areas similar to
      > used to commit this atrocity. Never again will American sidewalks
      > used to lure or abduct children by these people.
      > The concrete clopping cretins will no longer have their human
      > hijacking highways. We know for certain that sidewalks within the
      > United States have been used, many times, as a means to an end, an
      > end of evil. The good peoples of our great country will suffer any
      > burden, sacrifice any comfort, and will never, I repeat never again
      > allow sidewalks to be a safe-haven for the launching of terrible
      > crimes against the community and world."
      > When asked specifics about the bombin' method Dr. N. E. said, "We
      > will be using our newest General Dynamics/Boeing/TRW
      > manufactured "Pavement Pacifier," a.k.a. "The Daisy May Get
      > Up Due to a Lack of Birth Control but Her Butt Ain't Gettin'
      > on No Sidewalk No More or Nothin' Cutter" surface to air to surface
      > to underground to light breezes to partly sunny groovy ground gorge
      > gouging missile.
      > The incredible precision of this new rocket allows us to
      > the energy exchange perimeter
      > in an exact local for maximum friendly-fire permanent retirements.
      > Thus, no motion-challenged access ramps will be blown to bits, nor
      > will any curbs be vaporized. However, after 0700 hours all former
      > sidewalk areas will be 47 ft. deep trenches."
      > Did you see Janet's nipple?
      > I Pledge to use Lemon Pledge
      > in the McFrankenstein States of America
      > one nation
      > under educated
      > over stimulated
      > with repression
      > and thought control media
      > bounce a ball .
      > To the tune of
      > "What Do You Do With A General"
      > from
      > Bing "Hey, another of my kids blew their brains out" Crosby's
      > "White Christmas"
      > `the movie`
      > `Ohhhhhhhh, what do you do
      > with a demigod
      > when he kills another demigod'
      > Best Regards,
      > TOR
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