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Re: California (window) Dressing

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  • Janet
    Surf s way up. Have a Happy, Jan. ... how ... boy ... vote ... the ... a ... FREAKIN ... during ... of ... glands] ... it ... it ... that ... the ... by
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 5, 2003
      Surf's way up. Have a Happy, Jan.
      --- In Tor_Hershman@yahoogroups.com, "Tor Hershman" <torhtor@h...>
      > Like taking planetary fossil fuel reserves from a baby,
      > or, WMD – Words of Mass Deception.
      > Well, my oh, my oh, my, Californian Skippy Goebbels Status Quo
      > crapola is in full-bloom.
      > Oh, goodness gracious! There is a state deficit in California.
      > Isn't that just awful! My oh my, what shall we do? Oh! I know,
      > about the same ole' song and dance.
      > ¶
      > Firstly, lets promote the lie that the United States has a real
      > democracy.
      > Yes, here in the United Frankensteinian States any rich good ole'
      > can steal an election, real fair and square like.
      > As with John Kennedy's (and each and every other national one since
      > Andrew Jackson retired) [fascist as a 20 dollar bill] 1960 election
      > with the Chicago poll returns.
      > Why didn't the Nixon camp ask for a recount?
      > Because them there Republican rich boys were having dead people
      > the same as the Democrats, they were just a little slower getting
      > ballot boxes stuffed.
      > Stolen fair and square - or as Benjamin Franklin implied, `A penny
      > stolen or made off the selling of people into slavery saved is a
      > penny earned'.
      > *tin horns blow slobber into the air*
      > ¶
      > Next, let's play, `it can be fixed'.
      > (No it can't)
      > Gee, has everyone sobered-up from the National Balanced Budget Year
      > few moons ago?
      > The National Budget was balanced, the first time in A WHOLE
      > LOT OF YEARS.
      > Ahhhhh, the parties, the joy, the celebrations, the delight, the
      > contentment, don't you remember?
      > O.K., lets balance that there Californian budget.
      > Yuppie Tanks, got to go.
      > SUVs, S.L.S.
      > Taxes raised on HD TVs, pleasure craft, jewelry, then, socialized
      > basal-health regulations, and mandatory limits on births.
      > WHAT! You DON'T want a balanced budget in the real world.
      > To late!
      > Now what, the budget is balanced.
      > Oh, how about..... MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE!
      > Yikes! We sure could use a bunch more SUVs and people to help
      > this disaster.
      > Wait..... what's that?
      > We sure could use some donkeys and less people to make things less
      > difficult.
      > ¶
      > Welcome to the Rather/Jennings/Brokow Slight of Hand/Brain Nightly
      > Review.
      > Large breasted human female proves anyone (with a spare $3,500) can
      > get on the ballot, in California, and get a million dollars worth
      > free NEWS publicity. [provided they provide massive mammary
      > Edward R. Murrow said it best, `This sucks, I'm going to suck
      > Marlboros till I hack-up both lungs, fuck this shit'.
      > Wait a sec, that ain't what Murrow said (that is what is did), he
      > said "This instrument (TV) can teach, it can illuminate, and yes,
      > can inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are
      > determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it's just lights and
      > wires in a box.."
      > Errrrrrrr, wait, perhaps Rod Sterling said it best when he
      > stated, "You can have Martians say things (on TV) that you could
      > never have Democrats or Republicans say."
      > ¶
      > Menu du jour - DNA eating DNA, each and every jour, ooou ooou ooou
      > ououou.
      > ¶
      > BTW, I made my "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Terrorism" T-shirt.
      > It looks quite semi sort-of professionally crafted; and the looks
      > gets are most interesting.
      > They ain't quite sure about it.
      > After all, American was founded by drunken slave-owning terrorists.
      > (McVeigh was They - They `is' McVeigh)
      > The actions George Washington took, as attacking on Augustusmas Eve
      > (a.k.a. Xmas), were considered far-outside the rules of decency
      > only a criminal-mind would undertake .
      > However, we should give thanks where thanks is due to he who made
      > defeat of the British Army & Navy at Yorktown possible, thank you
      > King Louie of France.
      > Wait a sec, again, thanks for what? A land where the Constatation
      > and Bill of Rights are nothing more than works of fiction.
      > Crap! Thomas Jefferson! The Constitution should have been penned
      > Jules Verne. It would be just as much a work of fantasy but a much
      > more entertaining read.
      > ¶
      > So remember folks, stay with the vast majority of people and don't
      > vote.
      > After all, any willing participation in the Force and Fraud system
      > is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, willing participation in the Force
      > and Fraud system.
      > What has reasonably financed access to media chance to win, Hitler
      > Dum or Hitler Dee.
      > ¶
      > Wouldn't it be nice to have a Santa, a Jesus and a Bill of Rights?
      > Perhaps a new Beach Boys parody hast been inspired.
      > And crown thy good with brotherhood
      > and crown thy criminal-complicity with lawyers offices
      > - -
      > keep track of all signs of `brotherhood'
      > and all signs of `lawyers'
      > -then-
      > you do the math .
      > ¶
      > Best Regards,
      > Tor
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