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Re: 50 Kurds per minute

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  • Trara
    Tor, I think we drove up to Saddam s ranch today. It was very strange. ... of ... to ... Experience
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 11, 2003
      Tor, I think we drove up to Saddam's ranch today.
      It was very strange.
      --- In Tor_Hershman@yahoogroups.com, "Tor Hershman" <rev_tor@h...>
      > Now don't anybody worry about the leftover Saddam Hussain people in
      > Iraqi; I watched them bald-face lie right into the camera's lens,
      > they'll do just fine in a place run by the US of A.
      > Just as they have for a score + of years.
      > ¤
      > I do hope Saddam enjoys his palatial southern Californian gated
      > community the CIA has provided for him and his family. I hear the
      > State Department has arranged for the
      > Whore_Welcome_Wagon to drop-off a six pack of
      > 'Hollywood Hopefuls Turned Hookers' to brighten-up Saddam's move-in.
      > ¤
      > Mam-O-day! That US of A tyrant retirement package is sure one heck
      > a luxurious deal. I'm sure the CIA would (and have, and will) like
      > thank the Saudis' Cash Fund's
      > ¶_Habitat_for_Horrendous_Humanity_¶
      > program for construction and furnishing costs of Saddam's new
      > many, many multi-millon dollar digs.
      > ¤
      > And now, me lill' song, to the tune of "Your a Grand Old Flag,"
      > titled
      > [BTW: It is in the Files, third from the last]
      > "It's a Brand Old Drag"
      > It's the same ole' drag,
      > bloody oil soaked flag,
      > Constitution's just a paper wad.
      > A grand who's who of
      > elitist clubs,
      > the home of the force and the fraud.
      > Lips tremble in fear,
      > buckets of prozac and beer
      > are needed, the lies are such a drag.
      > Should old gasoline lines be forgot?
      > Not stars but oil pumps on the flag.
      > Give the air a smell,
      > white doesn't fare well,
      > petrochemical soot has turned white, gray.
      > Free Press is a lie,
      > it's owned by one guy,
      > who bowed to Mao's bust, everyday.
      > (That's Murdoch)
      > Most mouths stay shut
      > 'cause they don't want kicked butt,
      > Law winks at the Social Goon Slags.
      > U.S. of Irresponsible Monkey Plots,
      > not stars but oil pumps on that flag.
      > [][][][][][][][][][][][][]
      > WASHINGTON'S (real) POST
      > HELP WANTED: Needed, Tyrant, must be 100% anti-democracy.
      > in drug running a plus. Must be able to blood-type & kill 50 Kurds
      > per minute. Must relocate to Mesopotamia. Minimum-Maximum wage
      > package of $74,823,803,421,083,938.57 per second.
      > __________________________
      > BTW: The Kurds were promised their own country, by the victorious
      > Allies, right after World War I. So what's the fucking deal? THEY
      > just don't like the Kurds, I suppose.
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