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  • Tor Hershman
    Thank you all, very much. Baby Geea is doing amazingly better. In fact, she has done been cured real good like. All she needs to do is recuperate a for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2003
      Thank you all, very much. Baby Geea is doing amazingly better. In
      fact, she has done been cured real good like. All she needs to do is
      recuperate a for a few weeks.

      Most Noble Crazzy, I DO thank you for the thought, but, please don't
      pray. That is worse than doing nothing. Have a Little Debbie cake
      for Baby Gee, a swig or toke for me, but there's nothing to pray to.

      [Note: tactically prayer has been know to offer placebo relief but
      strategically it is worse than nothing] {IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are
      surrounded by people who like to pray and make money off the concept
      of Prayer, then - FAKE IT ! (remember my posted tale of `me and the
      holy rollers')}|̅| Further Note: I seldom take my own good advice|M=

      If the Ohio Valley Medical Center hadn't have been the evil
      baby-sellers that they are, Baby Gee could have forgone three years
      of, quite often, horrifically terrible misery. Three years ago, when
      I first convinced Baby Geea to allow me to take her to the ER, OVMC
      was concerned with NOTHING other than the possibility of having
      baby-merchandise TO SELL. They ran a pregnancy test on Baby Geea.
      That's not only cool, it is the law. The test came back negative.
      Sosssss, they ran ANOTHER one. It also comes back negative. (Now,
      that is 2, count `em 2, negative-for-fetus tests) Sossss, then they
      run a test that tells how old the fetus IS! There ain't no mother
      fuckin' fetus. Then they X-ray her uterus-area looking for fetal
      material, there fuckin' ain't none - nohow - no way! When they are
      satisfied there is no zygote/fetus they say she has acid-reflux,
      throw a bottle of prilosec at her and kick us out. I begged those
      malicious medical mal-practitioners to run other tests. I said "I
      don't know what it is but it isn't acid-reflux." All they would have
      had to do of done was run a simple ultrasound [no need for a second
      pregnancy test - let alone a
      fetal-age test after TWO pregnancy tests come back negative - and
      THEN an X-ray] {if the X-ray would have been aimed 6 or 7 inches
      higher it could have shown the gallbladder problems - but why would
      OVMC X-ray the gallbladder - babies ain't formed there — what a bunch
      of foul wretched evil baby-selling corporate-state-funded-welfare-
      "business"-people they are!} Anywho, that began a long horrible,
      totally unnecessarily, agonizing series of events, right here in the
      US of A.

      Speaking of the US of A, war, and POWs, here is a lill' story an old
      guy (a little more ancient then than I am, right now) told me back in
      1971 while I was working as a temporary civilian employee for the
      United States Army Corps of Engineers at Lock # 7 on the Monongahela
      Now, in the olden times (perhaps also now) when the Corps built a
      dam/lock system the Lockmaster and Assistant Lockmaster had large
      houses built on or near the riparian elevating/descending
      installation. Well, one autumn day several of the Dam Operators, it
      was a very slow day, were sent down to rake the leaves at the
      government houses. Sosssss, during a smoke-break one of the guys and
      I were talking and he tells me a tale of World War II. He told me
      that he was ordered to take several German POWs to the prisoner of
      war camp. The POW camp was 30 miles away. He was told to "Be back
      in 20 minutes or you'll be reported as deserters!" Deserters can be
      shot all real nice and militarily legal like. He argued that it was
      impossible to get to the camp, let alone back, in 20 minutes with a
      load of POWs in that Army truck on those roads. Anywho, he was
      persuaded that if he didn't follow orders, he would shot. Sos, he
      and his men took the POWs down the road AND were back in 20 minutes.

      I can relate to you this tale but there is NO WAY that I can properly
      describe the expression in that man's eyes while he was telling it to
      me. It was a look of extremely painfully chilled vicious
      I was shocked (I grew-up on a mass media diet of American soldiers
      liberating and handing out candy bars), all I could think to say
      was "They say war is hell, and it is, isn't it?" He, with the same
      terrifically harmed expression said, "Yes."

      BTW: When did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? Just after the US of A cut
      off their OIL supply. What was the Imperial Japanese Fleet's biggest
      tactical mistake during that attack? Not attacking the United States
      Navy's huge reserve of gigantic fuel tanks. Their biggest strategic
      mistake? Not training their crews in fire-damage-control as
      proficiently as the US of A forces were trained. Nazi Germany's
      biggest mistake that came back to smoke Japan? Giving the
      goofy-haired ole' science dude a hard time. What was Goofy-haired
      ole' science dude's biggest mistake? He said it was the Cosmological
      Constant; he was even smarter than he could believe, early on.

      & dinosaur moans
      & dinosaur roams
      tyrannosaur's roar
      from rock strata tombs
      past all of our rooms

      The very best of regards to you all,
      Speakin' of goofy-haired ole' dudes, here is a link to Sam Clemens'
      (Mark Twain) "War Prayer"
      I may have to do a parody of a Dylan song, "The Times They Ain't a

      Perhaps next time I'll tell more of Baby Geea's ordeal, i.e. the
      doctor from Atlantis (at least he thought he was) and Wheeling Death
      Rite, errrrrrrrrr Wheeling Health Wrong, that may not be the correct
      name but it is 100% descriptive of their actions.
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