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#1 for "The Little Bummer Boy"

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  • Tor Hershman
    Well, The Little Bummer Boy is #1 on Sound Lift s All Genres `Most Played Chart and #2 on the `Most Downloaded Chart and that ain t the thing done with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2007
      Well, "The Little Bummer Boy" is #1 on Sound Lift's All Genres `Most
      Played' Chart and #2 on the `Most Downloaded' Chart and that ain't
      the thing done with the most ease.
      In '06 "The Lion Farts Tonight" graced the top of Sound Lift's All
      Genres Chart for a lill' over six weeks but TLBB has never risen
      above #8 (And that's dang good) before.

      Does this mean a blight and binding goo year?
      No doubt.....could be. Anywho, be sure to view Tor's Blog for moi's
      Goo Year Message, in a day or two.

      WifeyWu and moi may begin the Goo Year (If'in a car, 747 or comet
      does not hit) with a view of "A Hard Days Night" and an Abbot and
      Costello film, perhaps a South Park episode or two, too. If'in you
      youngins and/or oldins and/or
      middle-agedyins never viewed AHDN, moi can HIGHLY recommend it.
      Also, the documentary "The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit" is great;
      it's a.k.a. `The Real Hard Days Night'.

      May all of Tor's deranged Fans have the finest of conceivable Goo
      Years filled with the grooviest grooviness of all possible grooves.

      Moi shall now retire into the kitchen (a.k.a. Das Boot Galley) to
      prepare Tor's culinary invention - Dergs. Them mofos will done
      fill-up a HollowDay real good like, really.
      However, Tor being on a Fat Free diet can't eat 'em, but I can
      sure-as-funk make 'em.

      ..[___]..- - -{YUMMY!!!}

      Stay on groovin' safari,
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