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Buddha’s Gall Bladder

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  • TOR Hershman
    Buddha s Gall Bladder What drives a man, to do all that he can? lyrics from God Fearing Man off the At Your Birthday Party by Steppenwolf. Okay, this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2007
      Buddha's Gall Bladder
      What drives a man,
      to do all that he can?"
      lyrics from "God Fearing Man"
      off the "At Your Birthday Party"
      by Steppenwolf.

      Okay, this is well-studied speculation, but, methinks that
      Siddhartha Gautama (a.k.a. Buddha) may have been sufferin' from Gall
      Bladder problems.

      Seriously folks, not eating spicy, fatty foods – not allowing any
      emotions, bad or good, to cause arousal, and that laying-down on
      your `right side' is the exact position one should assume after
      taking your gallbladder flush medicine.
      Now, the `enlightened one' [jeeeezzzsh] didn't know of gallbladder
      flushes but that position may well help relieve the pain of an
      attack anywho;
      I KNOW that sitting perfectly still, having no emotional

      Anywho, if'in any `chunks' of Siddhartha's `intenal meat'(a.k.a.
      guts)are still around, AND if a test could show gall/liver problems
      of 25 centuries past, it would be interesting (At least to moi) to
      see if'in Buddy Buddha were inspired by – NOT spinal windows – NOT
      brain advancements – BUT by nasty, green globs of cholesterol
      getting stuck `inside'.
      Of course, them there Buddhist priests/monks ain't likely to allow
      there 'Buddha jerky' to done get tested.

      Ten-to-one Buddha was not poisoned, his ancient gallbladder probably
      just burst or collapsed and that's what did-in the skinny old dude.

      Stay on Groovin'
      (There `twere more need of bladder evacuation, than no
      reincarnation `bout Buddhie)
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