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Today IS ____ ___ .

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  • TOR Hershman
    Happy earthday to moi, happy birthday to moi s self, happy, happy pinched-out day to meeeee. Well, fifty-third delineation hast pasted and moi is still, as is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15 7:43 AM
      Happy earthday to moi, happy birthday to moi's self, happy, happy
      pinched-out day to meeeee.

      Well, fifty-third delineation hast pasted and moi is still, as is
      ALL life, serving entropy.

      Well, Fans, if'in ya's ain't heard this one, here goes NOTHING;
      many, many moon ago…..in the grate [sic] Pacific Northwest moi was
      workin' at a factory.
      This was the same place where I created the concept and beginning
      scenes for "Stripes," the new characters and lines, that have become
      part of the American Culture, in "Rocky III" and the whole freakin'
      flick (Well, 90%, or so, of the flick's 'meat') "Some Kind Of Hero"
      amongst other wee thingys, such as the "Four Ps" [Marketing
      nomenclature] of the Burger King "Eat A Pita" campaign and the
      Strategic Defense Initiative (a.k.a. SDI – a.k.a. `Reagan's Star
      Wars') that the Strategically Dead Icon 'took' {See the last eleven
      words of the 5th Amendment to the Bill of Rights ("Just
      Compensation," that NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR HAPPENED, and never will.)
      for another example of "…from sleaze to shinning sleaze."

      Anywho, in accordance with moi's lill' plan of
      `These evil people seem to enjoy it when I talk about movies and
      such, sooooooooo if it keeps Them entertained that'll help keep me
      my job so I can take care of
      WifeyWu and the Three Wonderful Kiddie Critter Kids'---

      Yes, moi knows…..it's a longwinded entitlement for a plan but, hey,
      moi `tis just a po' ole country boy.

      ---so I kept 'entertainin' Them as best as moi could/would.

      Anywho, one day moi `twas `entertaining' the other factory flunkies
      (These were times of lunch and breaks in the lunchroom) when I said
      "You know, I always knew (just kidding, of course) that my birthday
      would become a National Holiday."
      "What are you talking about," asked Desi Megasea (SP?)
      "Well, I just happened to be born on January fifteen and when Martin
      Luther King's birthday is made a national holiday, so will mine.
      "President Reagan is AGAINST making King's birthday a holiday"
      gleefully chimed Rachael (a.k.a. Maxime) Fredericks (SP?)
      Then moi, nonchalantly as one would who really didn't give a flyin'
      phuck, replied,
      "Oh, that's okay. Reagan may be outta office in a while and four
      years after the next election, FOR SURE, and someone WILL come along
      THAT WILL make January the 15th a National Hoilday."

      A week, or so, after that Raygoon announces that he now favors
      making Reverend Dr. King's birthday a holiday, BUT…..IT MUST

      And it was DUTIFULLY (Sieg Hive) so celebrated for years and years.

      Hey! I guess this must be SOME DAY.

      As Sergeant Friday oft' times spokeith "Just the [awful] facts."

      The things that can happen when you're workin' at Mt. Hood Chemical
      Company (4444 N. W. Yeon, Portland, Oregon) orrrrrrrrrrrrr Earth in

      The moral of the story? THEY ain't a "Moral" majority at all.

      Stay on Groovin' (DNA Jungle) Safari,
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