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Okay, Freud sez. . . . .

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  • TOR Hershman
    .....that Moses was an Egyptian that gave the Jews monotheism and that seems to be ALL that Moi s and Freud s discoveries have in common. It also appears
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2007
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      .....that Moses was an Egyptian that gave the Jews monotheism and
      that 'seems' to be ALL that Moi's and Freud's discoveries have in
      It also appears that others, moi 'tis still lookin' into this,
      stated that Moses could have been a Prince of Egypt before Freud.
      Sooooooooooo, for you new TOR fans that have not read ALL the posts
      allow moi to give
      This was only the second flick moi hast made (except betwixt moi's
      ears and outta moi's mouth) and I had some severe production

      I prepared it as one Windows Movie Maker 'project' and that taxed my
      lill' PC's CPU to the MAX!!!
      In fact, I thought that I couldn't save it as a movie and was
      prepared to delete the whole shebang.
      I did delete all the sections, videos/gifs, from Windows Movie
      Maker, having failed to save the thingy as a movie – several times,
      and called WifeyWu over to have a look see before wippin' the film

      However, WifeyWu `twere busy soooooo I hit `save to PC' once more
      and, with all the videos/gifs gone, the freakin' flick saved.

      Thingys moi had to leave outta that flick:
      Let's see…..oh, yeah, well after the Polys took over they split the
      Monos along pigmentation lines (Much as last season's "Survivor"
      However, much inbreedin' betwixt the Caucasoid and Negroid factions
      of Akhenaten's government had taken place, Freud `twere correct
      about that – humans is horny, and the darker Monos were immediately
      sent south, way south, way down yonder Nubian way.
      The other Monos went to live, for their own protection, on
      the `other side' of the chariot tracks (Nile).

      Every now and then, over just about a forty year period, there would
      be `disagreements' and the Monos would strike-back with Poly
      festival disruptions.
      They'd sling a couple of bee hives into one the Polys' big
      let bats loose, release a bunch of toady frogs, that did
      freak-out the congregation.

      This would piss-off the Poly Religious Authorities and they'd have
      the Monos run a few more miles further east.
      However, when the Monos grabbed an entire group of the Polys kids
      and had a bloody fight with the Polys troops, killing most of the
      children in the fray, they got there arses escorted to Asia and sent

      Now, as far as Moses goes, he may have been a Mono leader, or the
      general in charge of running the Monos off, or totally fictional;
      I can not pinpoint which possibility is correct, yet.

      However, it `twas MUCH MORE of a case of "Let we'ins people stay"
      than "Let my people gooooooooooooo."

      Stay on Groovin' Safari,
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