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Memorial Day - - - Sieg Hive ! ! !

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  • TOR Hershman
    Memorial Day HA WARmorial Day They ll NEVER learn. They ll NEVER find-out. Okay, you re the Soviet Union. You don t want the United Nations to send troops to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2006
      Memorial Day
      WARmorial Day

      They'll NEVER learn.
      They'll NEVER find-out.

      Okay, you're the Soviet Union.
      You don't want the United Nations to send troops to South Korea.
      You are a member of the UN Security Council.
      All you need to do to STOP troops from going to Korea is say "NO."
      Just say "NO," that's all.
      Soooooooo the USSR decides to NOT say no.

      Yeah, sure, the USSR wanted a presence on mainland Asia to give Red
      China something to worry about.

      The US/UN went to Korea on behalf of the USSR.

      The US fought the Vietnam War to scare the Russian people
      badly enough, over Americans being SOOOOOO freakin'
      carzy they'd fight and kill for NO military/defensive purpose,
      that the Russians would NEVER consider gettin' rid of the Communist

      Remember.....it was NOT a Hippie warning the people
      about "The Military Industrial Complex" it was (Resigning)
      President Eisenhower.

      Why did Ike wait till he was leaving office to say anything?
      Multi-billions of dollars to be made off war in a society that is
      SOOOOOOOOOOO miserable most people aren't terribly
      afraid to die BUT they are so horribly twisted they prefer to kill;
      (That IS what it takes to conquer the salty ball of mud)
      Ike didn't want to get blown to bits by the loonies.

      You know, most people seem to feel
      (They are incapable of true thought)
      that I'm against war.

      Phuck NO!

      Pack those loony, egomaniacal toadies ALL UP and send them off
      to a sand dune NOT near moi.

      However, I'm not gonna sit around, driving a Yuppie tank, waving a
      synthetic flag made from imported oil sayin' how proud I'm am of
      the "Sieg Hive" morons.

      Phuck 'em all, They're SOOOOOOO proud to DIE FOR A LIE, sooooooo go
      The more that are gone the less uncool this place is.

      I think Iran would look GREAT as part of the Empire,
      Syria, too.....and Siberia, wtf.

      I take the bus, phuck gas prices.

      And remember.....Teapot Dome ain't 'bout oil.

      Crap, the morons couldn't figure-out Korea;
      They ain't gonna figure-out anything worth figuring.

      Sieg Hive!!!!!!!!!


      Stay on Groovin' (buzzzzzz DNA Jungle buzzzzzzz) Safari,

      BTW: if there are any quotidian Status Quo
      Praying Man/Woman/tises need someone to wave a flag and sing
      "To Anacreon In Heaven"
      (Using Mr. Francis Scott Key's words, of course)
      let moi know and as soon the check CLEARS, I'll be there.
      Till then....I have NO vested interest(s) to distract moi from the
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