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The great lesson of “The New Testament.”

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  • TOR Hershman
    Well, as TOR fans know, when Ovid created his Passion Play (inventing the Jesus of Nazareth/Christ character) he did so to display his concern over Augustus
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2006
      Well, as TOR fans know, when Ovid created his "Passion Play"
      (inventing the
      Jesus of Nazareth/Christ character) he did so to display his concern
      over Augustus
      becoming an emperor of the Roman Empire.

      However Ovid's great lesson, the insight into the minds of the vast
      majority of humans, and the
      cognitive dissonance that rules their psyche, was that: If you do
      something that They can not (even if it benefits Them/Society) They
      WILL hate you and do all manner of unethical and/or illegal
      violations to you AND THEN.....they will say that it was `what you
      wanted, part of YOUR plan'.

      Well, anywho, on MSN this day a featured headline was "...why do
      people plagiarize?"
      Upon seeing this moi spoke thus (I don't talk to television referees
      and I enjoy hearin' moi's
      utterances) "Why? Because DNA steals from DNA; it IS a jungle.
      The bug steals from the germ, the rat steals from the bug, the
      racoon steals from the rat, the
      coyote steals from the racoon, the bear steals from the coyote,
      might makes right and that is IT with DNA species/cultures. There
      has NEVER been a "Civilization" on Earth, only societies/cultures,
      and there will not be any. DNA, for the most part, just doesn't
      have civilization in it's CAGT programing and it will not.

      Soooooooooo, what brings up this here whole "Plagiarism" thingy?
      Well, moi was waitin' for some (Thank you, Jan) to ask about it.

      I believe there is a case for Copyright/Intellectual Property
      Infringement concerning my concept and the following.

      Last year I had an idea for a reality televison show.
      I posted this proposal at my blog and several other site.

      [URL for blog and date Monday August 15, 2005
      You'll need to school down a bit for Aug 15]


      Now it appears that Ms. Petterson (aka Vampira),
      Eric Gardner (Panacea Entertainment), Stuart Krasnow (FremantleMedia
      North America {"American Idol" "The Price Is Right"), are doing
      that/this show.


      So, what do you think?

      What I know is that this ain't a Strategic Defense
      Initiative, "Rocky III," "Stripes," or "Some Kind Of Hero," each
      film substantially crated by MOI, (SDI, all moi, the Strategically
      Dead Icon Ragoon (and conies) plagiarized it as were MUCH of each of
      those films from moi, verbatim.)
      it is a "Thing."

      Stay on Groovin'
      (Fascist, Unethical, Illegal, Lawless, Jungle U. S. of A.)
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