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Pass the sweet & sour kosher Twinkies, please!

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    But firstly, Bob Schieffer, of the CBS news, tonight asked the question Why referring to the Alive - Dead - Alive - Dead West Virginian coal miners. Well
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
      But firstly, Bob Schieffer, of the CBS news, tonight asked the
      question "Why" referring to the
      "Alive - Dead - Alive - Dead" West Virginian coal miners.

      Well consider the source.....official West Virginia News Agencies.

      Oh, and did you see the Empire's beloved Cannon Fodder Folk?
      Praising the great "MIDNIGHT MIRACLE" of their faux god/devil thingy.
      They're the salt of the salty ball of mud, common cannon fodder.
      The empire likes its cannon folder.
      It obeys commands, never thinks beyond (As moi wrote in "Dine On A
      Beagle") "Bet, Drink, Sport.....just like ancient Athens and Rome."
      The "Midnight miracle, huh?
      Yeah, just like I wrote in "Chanting The Name Of The Turd,"
      "By chanting the name of old TOR and you will see /
      it's worthless as chanting the name of any ole deity."
      But they'll all be back in church next Sunday, more than ever; fear,
      and ignorance totally intact.

      This just in.....It has been discovered by Israeli
      doctors that Ariel Sharon's heart is working with
      the terrorist organization Brainminusquaidadidaledoo.

      Twelve West Virginian families are in a state of heartbroken grief.
      Twelve West Virginian families WILL soon be in a state of
      sheer delight as 12 mine job openings are filled.
      A little over six billion human DNA constructs are, were and will be

      Stay on Groovin' Safari,
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