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774  Changes in attitude      

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  • Tor Hershman
    Sep 2 7:18 AM
      Well, night before last I heard that the Black Plowman
      (a.k.a. Gov. Arnold) was yammerin' `bout how much he
      dug ole' Tricky Dicky (a.k.a. President Richard Nixon).

      This reminded moi of an ole' comedy/history bit I did.
      So I put it in the Files under
      "Nixon Bush" (a.k.a. Daddy Bush).

      The political stances are true; only the verbatim dialogue has been
      changed to protect you from
      quotidian boredom.

      Considerin' the amazingly instantaneous 180° reversal of attitude, I
      wonder.....do you think Daddy Bush may ALSO be John Kerry's dad?

      Best Regards,
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