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  • Tor Hershman
    Jul 3, 2004
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      The U. S. of A.'s HIGH HOLY WORDS translated
      into everyday, common knowledge terms.

      The American HIGH HOLY WORD, or platitude,
      will be within ¶ ¶ while the
      reality of it will be inside ¤ ¤.


      "Constitution of the United States: Preamble"

      ¶ We, the people of the United States ¶
      ¤ Crowd chants: "U S A - D N A - U S A - D N A - U S A - D N A ¤

      ¶ in order to form a more perfect Union ¶
      ¤ Sports ¤

      ¶ establish justice ¶
      ¤ Maintain the `Good Ole Boy' informal network ¤

      ¶ insure domestic tranquility ¶
      ¤ Throw away domestic abuse reports ¤

      ¶ provide for the common defense ¶
      ¤ The building's falling down, OUTTA MY WAY!!! *safely inside a
      hole, their thoughts quickly turn to "How can we get richer off
      this?"* ¤

      ¶ promote the general welfare ¶
      ¤ Do any of you Generals, that trained Ossma Bin Laudin,
      need some more
      caviar and hummingbird-brain soup, or,
      a larger American made vehicle to burn
      that fine Middle Eastern oil in?
      If yes, we have all you want! ¤

      ¶ and secure the blessings of liberty
      to ourselves and our posterity ¶
      ¤ One set of books for public inspection;
      one set of books for us. ¤

      ¶ do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of
      America. ¶

      ¤ Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda ¤


      "The Pledge of Allegiance"

      ¶ I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America ¶
      ¤ If I don't stand-up and move my lips everyone will STARE at me and
      I'll get my ass kicked, within plain view of the teachers, in the
      schoolyard ¤

      ¶ and to the Republic for which it stands ¶
      ¤ Yummy burger and fries, yummy yum yum ¤

      ¶ one Nation under God ¶
      ¤ Separation of State and sanity, a.k.a. Death to the Infidels.¤

      ¶ indivisible ¶
      ¤ Avert your eyes, it's one of THEM! ¤

      ¶ with liberty and justice for all. ¶
      ¤ It's time for the Fabulous Freedom Friends, starring Robert Blake,
      O. J. Simpson and Phil Spector. With our very special guest stars,
      John and Patsy Ramsey. Brought to by ENRON and Martha Stewart's fine
      products at K (K is for Korporate Welfare) Mart. ¤


      "The American Liberal's Motto"
        I   don't agree with what you said, but   I   will defend to the
      death YOUR RIGHT to say it. ¶
      ¤ The only bad money IS money that   I   am not getting a cut-of. ¤


      ¶ Freedom ¶
      ¤ Drunk ¤

      ¶ Liberty ¶
      ¤ Stinkin' Drunk ¤

      ¶ The Glory ¶
      ¤ Beer Delivery Truck ¤

      ¶ The Power ¶
      ¤ Gun Store ¤

      ¶ The Kingdom ¶
      ¤ Prozac ¤

      ¶ The Kingdom for Ever ¶
      ¤ double dose of Prozac ¤

      ¶ Level Playing Field ¶
      ¤ WARNING: Land Mines ¤


      Best Regards,
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