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262Re: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Terrorism

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  • Mark
    Jul 1, 2003
      Thought provoking to say the least.
      --- In Tor_Hershman@yahoogroups.com, "Tor Hershman" <torhtor@h...>
      > The United States of America's Bill of Wrongs [These supercede The
      > Bill of Rights at ALL times - Except, during social-control
      > national/worldwide window dressing, Status Quo song & dance, shows]
      > #1. A system of Corporate Welfare Checks and rigged balances.
      > #2. FCC = WMD Words of Mass Deception.
      > #3. Total compliance, or force and fraud for all.
      > #4. You are free to watch sport, bet on sport, get drunk whilst
      > watching and/or betting on sport.
      > Wow! They couldn't do that in ancient Rome/China/Ethiopia; well,
      > could and did.
      > The Toltecs also did it, minus the booze.
      > #5. Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to
      > childcare, wash windows, cut grass, sell low-grade drugs and keep
      > prostitution prices low. If they do the deed, well enough, we'll
      > give `em some bucks.
      > #6. Plagiarism by the Status Quo shall be considered `cleaver and
      > original works of art' all the way back to the plagiarized music
      > the "Star Spangled Banner" - unless, of course, Mr. Keys' lyrics
      > now being listed as a `parody song'.
      > #7. The `Umbra' Office of Religious Authority's motto must
      > remain `know to all' but unuttered by any, save the most
      > iconoclastic. Sooooooo, it goes like this: "May the All Powerful
      > Creator of all the universe, from all mastodon mucus to all bunny
      > burps, keep our most sacred
      > theocratic-oligarchy - the United States of Oilerica - free from
      > and all joining of state and church, hallelujah! Praise Moses'
      > Pants of to Hollywood! Glory to God and Batman in the Highest
      > Recesses of all Large Intestines! *time to start the Senate - Carry
      > Forth the Magic Stick*
      > Hail the Most Holy Mother of Odin - Universal Poontang of All!
      > is the Grimace (Formerly know as: The Evil Grimace) from the
      > McDonald's TV ads a satire of Dave Thomas (Formerly know as: Alive)
      > {The Wendy's guy not the SCTV funny dude}? And may the most holy
      > of A always remain out of the grip of the Satanic nonbelievers,
      > Praise YahhewaYahewaYaWhosOnFirstYaHeeBeeWhoBeeYabbaDabba.....
      > DoooooJehovahHoHoHovah HosInJavaDrinkingJavaRamaLamaDingDong!
      > #8. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Terrorism.
      > #9. Each cities mass media will now be owned exclusively by either
      > Hitler Dee or Hitler Dum. This replaces the old system of having ½
      > owned by Hitler Dum and the other half owned by Hitler Dee.
      > #10. The largest human-brain, non-water, content is fat, at 60%.
      > Universal solvent fat heads, well, that explains the first 9.
      > Best Regards,
      > Tor
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