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138Well, a couple, or so, days ago on one of the Network morning shows.....

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  • Tor Hershman <rev_tor@hotmail.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
      ....an interview was being conducted. A female human was telling
      why military troops had to be supported. And the reason why, whether
      you agree with the objectives or not, is [and I do quote her] {this
      is it, verbatim}|exactamundooooooo|
      You must support the troops because "THEY ARE ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS."

      Now, most of you un-ancient folk may not know of this, it was a
      running phrase during the 50s & 60s, but the Nazis' defense, at the
      Nuremberg Trials, was "I was only following orders."

      So, I may do a parody called "Stalag 13 Stars & Stripes." However, I
      plan to have a satire up and running, at our Files link, called "I Am
      Free - to Follow Orders" by this afternoon.


      Best Regards,