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'Save America's Bees & Pollinators Act' Introduced by Congressman Blumenauer

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  • Susan Kegley
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2013

      Congressman Blumenauer Announces Legislation to Protect Pollinators,
      Prevent Mass Bee Die-Offs PDF

      *Friday, 12 July 2013 17:25*


      Today Representative*Earl Blumenauer* announced that he will be
      introducing***The Save America's Pollinators Act

      The legislation would suspend certain uses of neonicotinoids, (a
      particular type of pesticide that is suspected of playing a role in the
      bee die-offs happening in Oregon and in bee declines around the world),
      until the Environmental Protection Agency reviews these chemicals and
      makes a new determination about their proper application and safe use. *

      *Dinotefuran,* the neonicotinoid in /*'Safari' */insecticide, is blamed
      for last month�s mass die-off in Wilsonville, OREGON of an
      estimated*50,000 bumble* bees in a single parking lot� the largest
      such die-off ever recorded.

      The Oregon Department of Agriculture is investigating the bee-kill and
      is temporarily restricting the use of 18 pesticide products containing

      Blumenauer has long sought federal funding for increased research on
      pollinators, protections for declining bee populations, and is the
      co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional Pollinators Caucus.

      He was joined at the announcement event by*Scott Hoffman Black,
      Executive Director of the Xerces Society*, who discussed the specifics
      of the Oregon die-off and how to prevent future incidents, and Lori
      Vollmer, the owner of Garden Fever nursery in Portland, who stopped
      selling neonicotinoid products after the Wilsonville disaster.

      /*�Pollinators are not only vital to a sustainable
      environment, but key to a stable food supply,�*/ Blumenauer
      said. �/*When incidents like the alarming bee die-off in
      Wilsonville occur, it is imperative that we take a step back
      to make sure we understand all the factors involved and move
      swiftly to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the

      /*�It is time for the Environmental Protection Agency to
      take a stronger stance on pollinator protection.� said Scott
      Hoffman Black, Executive Director of the Xerces Society.
      �The European Union has put restrictions in place on several
      neonicotinoids -- we need a similar response here.�*/

      *Rep Blumenauer with Scott Hoffman Black, Executive Director of the
      Xerces Society,
      and Lori Vollmer, the owner of Garden Fever nursery*

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