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Re: [TopHive] Re: Hello from South Carolina

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  • Keith Benson
    As long as you respect bee space this works. Keith Sent from my iPhone
    Message 1 of 8 , May 11, 2013
      As long as you respect bee space this works.


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      On May 11, 2013, at 11:09 AM, "Kewisch, Jorg" <jorg@...> wrote:

      > Can you cut a queen excluder to size and use it in a THB, or will the bees cover it with wax?
      > Jorg
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      > Yes, I'm running into the same thing, and having to take at least a
      > little brood at the same time. Is it just my queen (who seems to use
      > every comb for the brood nest) or is this pretty normal?
      > Susan
      > On 3/26/13 7:32 AM, Joe Caracausa wrote:
      >> In my opinion, the main drawback to TBH is that there is very limited
      >> space and you have to rob honey almost twice a month (maybe weekly) to
      >> keep the bees from running out of space. I tried building a 'super'
      >> that ran full length of the TBH box, but it was also very impractical.
      >> I used 'frames' going the long way and there was not a good way to get
      >> honey out of them. I used empty frames with a strip of foundation
      >> along the top. I am sure there has to be a flexible TBH system that
      >> can allow for less intervention during the honey flow, but I have not
      >> seen one yet.
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