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Re: [TopHive] PurrFek Hive...

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  • OOWONBS@Netscape.net
    ... the bees say, No! Scot (Warre List Semi-CrossPost)
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2011
      >I do use 9 combs, or at least top bars.....sometimes
      the bees say, "No! >Scot (Warre' List Semi-CrossPost)

      Consideration of bees often starting in tree cavities/ stacked hives,
      in the center-most area/top-bar. And possibly encouraged by odd
      TB/top-bar count.>>

      LOL! Do they offer any constructive criticism? Women!!!

      Well, by going "non-square," width is added such that
      9 TBs (top-bars) sort of occurs naturally, due to spacing.
      And I just personally LIKE the idea of a single, longer,
      center-most TB. For Warre' to make a hex or etc, ease
      would have been lost. Not as much the case, today.

      Some Lang-ers temporarily skip a frame or two and add
      spacing, until comb is begun, then replace those skipped
      previously, to "avoid" having the bees build across frames.
      Of course, that's an added entry...

      I sometimes even consider, aside from the initial topmost box,
      having every other TB only, so every other comb extends past
      adjoining-exiting [in THAT box] TBs. this would make harvest
      a hassle however, but may lessen that phenomena of
      "box-junction crossing," (I forget the actual name of it...)

      Between bouts of considering how to trisect an angle,
      ;>) ... I consider the Ideal Hive. The Warre' is TB hive style.
      But it also stacks, like a Lang, so floorage (horizontal space)
      is less than with a H[orizontal]TBH.

      One could use follower boards to make a top-most box,
      7 TBs wide, initially, for added heat retention. Esp in a hex,
      this would not be a huge loss or diminish-ment.) But again,
      I must think ahead, or, remove the followers (IFF I chose to,)
      by opening the hive, if desired when a package reaches outer
      TBs. It still lacks the near total flex-ability of a book-leaf hive.
      I would thus, like to have the *option* of rare, side access.
      That could be done, with hinges. It almost requires "cool-
      orientation." "Complex abilities, but achieved with simplicity."
      Well, that's what winters are for! ;>)))

      Happy NonDeNominational HollyDayze-
      & God Bless! ;>)

      "Small minds discuss people,
      average minds discuss events,
      great minds discuss ideas."
      - Eleanor Roosevelt -

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