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Re: [TopHive] Re: Need advice on helping my weak hive

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  • Joycelyn Kasmir
    They are doing great. I gave the weak hive a full bar of capped brood (I did sweep it free of bees), and 2 bars of mostly capped honey. They did quite well
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 24 7:56 AM
      They are doing great.
      I gave the weak hive a full bar of capped brood (I did sweep it free of
      bees), and 2 bars of mostly capped honey. They did quite well from there.
      My strong hive, a 4 foot top bar box started in April, was completely
      full by September. I gave about 4 honey bars and another capped brood
      bar to the weak hive. They filled up again, so I harvested about 7 bars
      of honey. Now, the weak hive is almost as strong as the Strong hive. The
      swarm hive is just over 3/4 full.

      I think my Weaver bees are more productive than my wild caught swarm
      bees. They are certainly more gentle, though the swarm bees aren't "bad".

      On 10/8/2010 12:53 PM, owlsplace wrote:
      > --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, Joycelyn Kasmir<diamondj@...> wrote:
      >> A bit of background:
      >> I got 2 packages (R. Weaver) for my two top bar hives on April 28th. One
      >> stayed, one left within 3 days. On 5/14 we installed a very small swarm
      >> into the empty hive. On that day, we gave the swarm a bar of open brood
      >> and bar of honey (swept free of bees). This was done mostly to keep them
      >> from leaving, but also, in case the something happened to the queen in
      >> the swarm.
      >> I was looking at the hives today, through the observation windows, and
      >> saw that the package hive now has 23 bars drawn, but the swarm hive has
      >> only 4, and they are not close to fully drawn. I did see the queen
      >> walking on the face of some newly drawn comb, in the swarm hive, so at
      >> least they aren't queenless. I see flowers everywhere and we have gotten
      >> a few late season rains, so they have plenty resources to build up with.
      >> But I'm wanting to help them along. My other hive is doing so well, I
      >> thought I could give the weaker one some of their capped brood to boost
      >> them up. My questions are,
      >> 1) If I move a bar of capped brood and a bar of honey over to the weaker
      >> hive, should I sweep it free of bees, or leave the nurse bees to join
      >> the new hive?
      >> 2) Will the hive view the ride-along bees as intruders and kill them?
      >> 3) The weaker hive seems to be low on bees, do they have to warm and
      >> work the capped brood?
      >> 4) I think the strong hive could spare 2 bars of brood, as they seem to
      >> have bees everywhere. Should I move that many? What if some are not
      >> capped yet?
      >> 5) Would moving these bars over mess up the Housel positioning, if I
      >> just put them in next to the 4th bar (last) which is less than half
      >> drawn? And how bad would that be really?
      >> -Joycelyn near Houston, Tx
      >> (Needville,TX)
      >> First year beek, with 2 top bar hives.
      > Joycelyn,
      > How did this work out for you?
      > I would have given the brood with nurse bees and keep the brood cluster together.
      > If they haven't built up sufficiently by now I would be considering combining with my other hive.
      > Roger
      > Eastern Sierra Nevada
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