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Re: TBH with Langroth width - interchangability?

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  • zoodood71
    -- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, Jeffery Francom ... and refer ... if I ... know ... refering to ... or- his ... his name. ... Jeffery, You
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 27, 2004
      -- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "Jeffery Francom" <jfrancom@i...>
      > I stand corrected. I think in the future I will do as so many do,
      and refer
      > to it as a "Lang" hive... because I am certain to misspell it again
      if I
      > try!!! Ha! I've been pronouncing it incorrectly as well. I did not
      > there was a "t" in there.
      > If calling it a "Lang" offends some, do consider that I am not
      refering to
      > the man by this name, but a type of hive. No offence to the man -
      or- his
      > invention.
      > My appologies to the late, great Lorenzo Langstroth for butchering
      his name.
      > Jeffery.

      You won't believe this, but I really appreciated this response for an
      Off Topic issue. In an email to a sister, I had refered to our neice
      as "MK". What I got back today was an email explaining to how to
      properly make "Meg Catherine's" initials. It kind of blowed the
      chain of conversation and, admittedly, set me off, since I do know my
      own neice's name and she obviously knew who I was talking about. The
      problem is that I can't spell well (due to a flaw in my education).
      It is not something I enjoy being reminded of regularly. Especially
      when it is a "mis-type" rather than me not actually knowing what I am
      saying (even if I don't spell it all correctly). I had even quit
      emailing some family until I had run spell check to circumvent this
      regular occurance. So your tactful response has helped me recover my
      earlier jolly mood.

      And for the record, I was absolutely, positively sure what kind of
      hive you were refering to. (Wasn't it a Lang-top hive? Just kidding.)
      If we are going to shorten the name, do we use a hyphen at the end or
      a period?

      Regards, Coyote
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