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Re: [TopHive] Re: Top-bar Hive Volume?

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  • Jim & Rebecca Payne
    The bottom line is did you take all reasonable precaution? Example is on a swimming pool in your back back yard and a neighbors kid drowns in it. Did you give
    Message 1 of 28 , May 31, 2008
      The bottom line is did you take all reasonable precaution?
      Example is on a swimming pool in your back back yard and a neighbors kid
      drowns in it.
      Did you give a neighbors kid permission to swim in it?
      That is outright responsibility.
      Did you place a fence with a locked gate around it?
      Did you install a cover to prevent entrance?
      Were you watching the neighbors kid and left for just a moment?
      Did you make the kid put on water wings?
      Did you even have water wings available?
      Reasonable precaution are the key words.
      Then it gets down to would a jury believe you took reasonable precaution. A
      jury might even believe just having bees on your property was not reasonable
      precaution when you knew they might sting someone.
      Yeah you knew a kid might drown in it. So why did you put it on your
      But zones can help you here. With acreage zones as residential agriculture
      and the neighbors warned.
      Example when I was a kid my brothers and I would go exploring nearby places.
      I was maybe about 6 and my brother 5.
      We made our way through tall weeds and came up on a chicken coop. The
      chickens were not allowed to roam freely.
      My brother who was always and still is a daredevil enter in. A big rooster
      did what any good rooster would do.
      He went into protection mode of his hens.
      My brother got a spur down his forehead past his eye and down his cheek.
      Blood was everywhere. But the reality of it was the chickens did not
      endanger us and we were where we did not belong.
      Where I am out of the city limits there are just the restrictions on the
      property placed there by the sellers.
      No poultry, no swine, Limit of dogs and cats . No obnoxious odors.
      But we agree between ourselves to ignore some of those restrictions. One
      neighbor has chickens. No Problem.
      He was worried about my bees and I told him just let me know when he was
      going to mow and I would pen them up. Besides we take care of mowing each
      others yards. I gave him an old roto tiller that had a good engine on it
      last week. I can't use one any more but kept the Troybilt for myself. Now he
      can have a garden again and he and his wife knows the advantage of having
      bees for pollination.
      Since he is a preacher and keeps up with biblical things and what is
      happening on the world scene he knows it is going to be important to have a
      garden now.
      So there are ways to work together for mutual benefit.

      Maybe teach her things about sting prevention.
      Things like eating banana's or having banana peels in her trash and letting
      someone else take the trash out.
      Wearing white as much as possible.
      Keep her hair under a bonnet if she is a brunette.. Hey ! remember that old
      saying of she has a bee under her bonnet? I can understand that one now.
      Does she have kids? Offer to help them with a school project or report about
      bees. Tell her there are college scholarships and even degrees given in bee
      keeping. Learning enough about bees could even get them a scholarship and
      give them a good living some day.
      I used that one too with my neighbor.
      Be sure and have your grandkids stop by and I will teach them about them and
      help with report outlines.
      That grand daughter of your is a very intelligent young lady. I could see
      that in her eyes the day I met her out front. That was the truth too.
      Local honey has been found to help people with their allergies. Usually is a
      person has an allergy they have more besides that just one.
      Honey has been found to help with weight loss when taken just before going
      to bed.
      Unlike sugar honey has some nutrients.
      Did you know honey helps heal infections? That it has antibiotic properties?
      They are even testing it to help cure and prevent cancer.
      Talk about other things too and be sincere or it will show.
      Zig Zigler who is a top salesman tells us in order for us to get what we
      want all we have to do is give other what they want. In short find what they
      desire and help them obtain it.
      If you want to sell a car to someone help them see that they can afford the
      payments. maybe they deserve it after all their hard work.maybe they will be
      able to drive and buy groceries instead of walking to the grocery. With the
      crime rates going up you might want to get your family to a better
      neighborhood and a car will make that possible. Yes the gas is higher now
      but did you notice out in the suburbs it is 12 cents a gallon cheaper? If
      you own your own car you could start a car pool and others pay you to get to
      work instead of you paying others like you are now. How much do you pay now?
      $50 a month?
      Hmmmm...This car is large enough 6 people could ride in it. So 6X5 is 30.
      That means with what you used to pay and with what your passengers would pay
      you would collect $300 per month and there is your payment right there.
      Ok by now you get the idea I am sure and all you have to do is apply the
      principals to help others get what they want.

      Jim Payne

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      > Ben,
      > Glad I could help. Funny coincidence how I just skimmed through the
      > article earlier today.
      > The same author, "Sylvana A. Ezenwa, J.D.", has written the book "Honey
      > bee law: Principles and practice", available at
      > http://www.beeculture.com/store/
      > In that wacky sue-all society you live in, it may be a good idea for all
      > beekeepers to read the book. Some of the examples Sylvana comes up with
      > (in a series of similar articles in ABJ) contain advice that makes me
      > shake my head in wonder - litigation!!! What ever happened to common
      > sense?
      > Ping.
      > Ben Foldes skrev:
      >> --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "P.H. Rankin Hansen" <ping@...> wrote:
      >>> Ben,
      >>> It still depends on your zoning.
      >> Peter,
      >> Thanks for the reference, I'll have to check that out. My first
      >> call was actually to Zoning, they directed me to Health after
      >> confirming they had nothing on the books. I'll still have to watch
      >> out for state regs, but my next call is the state inspector, after I
      >> build my hives and get some bees. I'm still debating trough TBH vs
      >> Warre, but I'll not planning on on having bees until next season.
      >> Giving my wife time to adjust to the idea, and my daughter to get over
      >> her fear of all insect airborne.
      >> I'm not looking to go commercial on my .2 acres, so I definitely
      >> qualify as "personal enjoyment".
      >> Ben
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