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998Re: [TopHive] Re: feeding in a tbh

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  • JIm & Rebecca Payne
    Nov 22 8:37 AM
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      Listen to Gary n this one. At another place in a book or mag I read also that a mix of sugar, powdered milk and yeast can be used with Cocconut oil as a binder. Or without the oil and just left in a feeder tray
      The yeast shouldbe brewers yeast and ground to small granules.
      I am sure Gary has a recipe and I just thought this one would make a nice addition.
      Jim Payne
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      Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 2:27 PM
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      Thank you Gary this is all very good information. Where do I get
      this "fondant"?

      --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "Gary" <nicty95@...> wrote:
      > Hi Kristene,
      > You probably will not see a big drop in stores yet. They will
      > probably make it through winter on that many bars, there are many
      > factors that will influence the out come in particular the size of
      > the comb (volume of your hive). The greatest problem you can
      > is the fact they probably do not have enough stores to make it
      > through early spring! When temps warm up and brood rearing kicks
      > into high gear they will go through whatever they have left very
      > fast. This time of the year is when most colonies are lost to
      > starvation.
      > Feeding in a TBH is actually easier than in any other hive IMHO.
      > will need a food source that can stand up to winter I recommend
      > fondant. Just place a piece of wax paper on the bottom of the hive
      > right behind the last comb and put a two lb chunk on it. Close up
      > the hive and do not open it until you see bees flying in the
      > The fondant will serve two needs, if they are able to break cluster
      > during the winter it will be there for them to eat/store and it
      > be there in the spring when they need it most. The colony will
      > up strong very fast. The other way to feed in a TBH is to use the
      > Baggie feeder method just google it there are a hundred sets of
      > instructions on the web.
      > If you need to know if they are there during the winter put your
      > close to the side and knock once firmly on the side you should hear
      > a buzzing roar. Otherwise it is never to open the hive while the
      > bees are in a winter cluster.

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