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994feeding in a tbh

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  • kmdaven
    Nov 20, 2007
      Hi, I have two TBHs I started with nucs (3 bars) last May (late May).
      it wasn't a great honey year, I hear from other beekeepers, and my two
      TBHs ended up with 11 and 12 bars, respectively, of drawn comb and
      honey, as of first killing frost around Oct. 1. They are still at that
      stage-- I checked today, both have about the same amount of honey. I
      have no idea why their stores aren't dropping. But anyway, I am still
      assuming somewhat I might have to feed them but I cna't quite figure
      out the logistics of feeding in a TBH. I have one Lang that is easy- I
      fed a quart of sugar water upside down on the inside cover (drip drip
      drip). I have some crystallized honey now- if I need to feed my TBHs,
      should I just somehow put it on the floor of the TBH near where
      the "cluster" is, or w hat?

      also, when is it OK to open a hive in the winter? Must I wait for a
      calm, wind-free , warm day?

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