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982Re: New member looking for some direction.

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  • Phil Chandler
    Oct 11, 2007
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      --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "wvengineer" <andyholcomb@...> wrote
      >Just before starting I
      > began reading about the art of beekeeping on my own and found myself
      > no longer interested in continuing down the path I had started. The
      > course only went over the use of langs and the treatments with
      > chemicals. I did not want to take part of this methoid of
      > beekeeping, I want to be organic.

      Hello Andy,
      Congratulations on being one of the few to think for themselves.
      Sounds like you went through similar thought processes to those I had
      when I started, except you were quicker!
      I use screened floors on all my TBHs except one (for comparison) and I
      even had one running through from the spring with no floor at all -
      just an open bottom - and they did fine.
      There are free TBH plans on my site and a friendly forum if you need
      ongoing help.
      Good luck and don't worry about the flak from Langers! They getr
      really sick when you show them how simple your hives are and how
      little equipment you need.
      Best regards,
      Phil Chandler
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