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971Re: aaagggh, my hives are so SLOW

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  • David Croteau
    Sep 14, 2007
      Hi Gary'
      The bars 15" (13 working) & about 10" deep, maybe 35 bars. Kenya style
      Checked all hives yesterday. Didn't disturb brood nests.
      Found lots of empty combs in all hives, moved to rear in tbhs, out of
      lc hives, full honey super on top.
      Put what little honey I found next to nest.
      It seems bees use a lot of honey razing new bees & don't bring in
      much nectar.
      They have maybe three weeks to fell some of those empty combs .
      Will they get enough, good question.
      Seems they were not worried about using up all stores to raise new
      bees, lots of brood everywhere, but it worries me.
      With brood & honey, about 17 bars in use.
      The one the swarm entered this spring has 13 bars all brood, no all
      honey bars, they got there work cut out for them.
      Maybe they know something I don't, no frost this year, maybe no
      But I just built a fire this morning (44*).

      --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "nicty95" <nicty95@...> wrote:
      > --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "David Croteau" <davidlcroteau@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > 8/11/07 Just checked my 4 tbh's "SLOW" is the word I would use
      > > There is absolutely no surplus honey.
      > > They'll have enough to over winter on I'm sure.
      > > One is two yrs old & is the same shape as the other three.
      > > Was going to convert my other three LC hives to top bars, but now
      > > don't think it's a good idea, no production.
      > > That may be why some super them.
      > > Maybe we can use the natural size bees to install into Langstroth
      > > hives, Just the reverse of what we been doing.
      > > Use top bar hives as over wintering nucs.
      > > I harvested 300 lbs from the three Langstroth hives, Jul 15th &
      > > 5th, about 150 pounds each time.
      > > TBH's, "ZERO."
      > > Dave
      > >
      > Dave,
      > Don't get frustrated yet. What size bars are you using and how deep
      > your hive? If the volume is too large they will build a natural
      > and store everything around the brood making it impossible to
      > This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you put the bees that
      > fine on the TBH comb back into a Lang the difference in
      > will be the stress factor which make the difference in them being
      > to handle the mite load. In other words they will show the same
      > behavior but will not tolerate the mites and you will be back to
      > square one!
      > The small cell theory was on the right track it just was not
      > everything. The real advantage of the small cell bees occurs inside
      > natural nest and you don't need foundation to get there. The bees
      > have now may never build you a comb you can harvest, but I will bet
      > they survive without any treatments. All you have to do is adjust
      > environment to force them to do what they would naturally do if
      > cavity was a little smaller and that would be to make a storage
      > behind the brood nest then you can harvest some honey! I am
      > corresopnding with a beek who has the total opposite problem that
      > have he is worried about the congestion in the hive and weather he
      > should pull honey combs to keeep them from swarming. Guess what his
      > sizes are. 14 inch bars and 9 inches deep with a total of 24 bars!
      > Gary
      > www.hirschbachapiary.com
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