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960Re: To Gary at Hirschbach Apriary

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  • nicty95
    Sep 6, 2007
      --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "Scot McPherson"
      <scot.mcpherson@...> wrote:
      > In any colony started from a package 3-5 lbs is ideal. Less than 3
      lbs and
      > the bees will build slowly, and more than 5lbs is a waste of bees.
      I like my
      > packages right around 5 lbs if I am using packages. You get an
      edge over 3
      > lbs, but as I said anything more than 5 lbs is a waste of bees
      because you
      > will see zero appreciation for the extra bees. 5lbs seems to be
      the upper
      > limit of benefit for packages.
      > And for what its worth, keep in mind that packages and natural
      swarms are
      > not equal. A 10 lb. swarm is a treasure....
      > Scot McPherson
      > McPherson Family Farms
      > Davenport, IA
      If a 10 lb swarm is a treasure then why wouldn't a ten lb package
      be! I would take the largest package I could get. The more bee
      installed the better a start they get all around more of a work
      force = a fast build up, at least that is my experience when shaking
      out bees in the spring! Next spring we are going to Romania to thin
      out an apairy, we will shake 50 packages and bring them back for
      TBH's we are building now. I am making the cages myself XL. These
      bees are Russians and have not been treated in years!
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