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  • Jorge Murillo Yepes
    Sep 8, 2003
      Dear Sasha,

      Many thanks for such a nice and prompt response!

      In a way the Caribbean is, as you call it, a "paradise" for bees, as it is considered everywhere else in the tropical world by people who, like you, live in temperate climates with four distinct seasons. But we have our share of problems regarding weather, as well, in the rainy season. But do not forget that Mother Nature in her wisdom created the most important melliferous bees in your neck of the woods, and not in the tropics!!! She must have had a good reason for that.

      What you describe in terms of your TBH seems to me rather similar to the Kenyan type, which works very well indeed although, as we humans finally seem to be getting to understand, factors such as shape, location, colour, materials, etc., are of no importance whatsoever to the bees themselves.

      The Varroa mite was detected in Grenada for the first time in 1994 and in the beginning it wrought havoc among both kept as well as wild bee colonies, especially insofar as the viruses vectored by the arthropod are concerned. After a few years, however, the surviving population seemed to have adjusted itself to it and the initial disastrous effects of the attack did not occur anymore, especially in hives living in the low, drier areas. We did some control utilizing organic essential oils with

      excellent results, but after fifth or sixth year no one bothers too much about Varroa anymore, eventhough it is present throughout the Island. No Africanized bees have entered Grenada up to now, but they do exist in some Islands of the region.

      For many years I was involved in commercial production of primary hive products, as well as in teaching beekeeping in Grenada and other Caribbean territories, but since about 15 years ago I decided to explore the possibilities offered by the addition of value to honey, wax, propolis and royal jelly and ended up trying to make a living producing several lines of beauty products (soaps, creams, lotions, shampoos, lip balms, massage creams, etc), ornamentals (candles) and medicinal products (for humans and animals). At the same time I started getting deeply involved in apitherapy and for the practice of which I have five hives. By providing technical assistance to several local beekeepers I get the primary products required for my cottage industry, without having to break my back too much.

      I am in the process of finalizing an Apitherapy Internet Course conducted by Dr. Stefan Stangaciu from Rumania, and have the honor to have as fellow student a Lady from Serbia, to whom I mentioned your arrival as a new member in the TBH chat group.

      And, Sasha, I did not think that you lived in Siberia at all. By the same token I hope that you do not think that I live in Spain!!!!

      Best personal regards,


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      From: "Jorge Murillo Yepes" <murillos@...>
      Subject: Re: anybody here?

      Hi, Sasha, Nice to hear from you!!!!! Would you tell us more about your TBH?
      And, where in Serbia do you live?
      I live in Grenada , in the Caribbean and utilize old fridges, air conditioning
      casings and old steel drums cut in half lengthwise to make my TBHs.
      Let's talk!!!!!
      Best regards,

      Hi there on the sunny Caribbean seas,there is a heaven for bees i presume.
      Shortly my tbh are made from wood like ordinary langstrot hives but with
      appropriate dimensions for a tbh(according to the author of the "mother" of
      all tbh web sites James D. Satterfield site).I cant remember the exactly
      dimensions of my tbh since I have worked on them last winter and I am a
      little bad in remembering numbers,but the dimmensions are about 80cm x 40cm x
      I have jumped in the world of tbh because I like the idea,I have a bit of
      simplistic taste and was very excited with the idea.I am a very young
      beekeeper with very little practical experience with bees,and I also tend to
      think in line of organic beekeeping,if that is posible these days.That is a
      big problem here because of the varroa mite.Beekeepers here are slowly
      changing into anti insect chemical warfare experts.That is not compatible
      with my views.I guess you work with africanised honey bee?
      I like your approach with using old items for hives / hives are only cavities
      for bees/ bees can also survive without any hive especially in your region.
      How many hives do you have ,are you a pro or a hobbyst?

      I live in a small town Sombor,that is close to hungarian and croatian border
      about 20 km in each direction.I guess you didnt think i live in Siberia in
      Russia.It is Serbia like Kosovo,Bosnia etc.
      All I know about Grenada is that you have experienced something similar in
      terms of war.
      What do you think about tbh,are you satisfied with them?




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