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94Re: anybody here?

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  • Sasha
    Jan 9, 2004
      Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 14:25:43 -0400
      From: "Jorge Murillo Yepes" <murillos@...>
      Subject: Re: anybody here?

      Hi, Sasha, Nice to hear from you!!!!! Would you tell us more about your TBH?
      And, where in Serbia do you live?
      I live in Grenada , in the Caribbean and utilize old fridges, air conditioning
      casings and old steel drums cut in half lengthwise to make my TBHs.
      Let's talk!!!!!
      Best regards,

      Hi there on the sunny Caribbean seas,there is a heaven for bees i presume.
      Shortly my tbh are made from wood like ordinary langstrot hives but with
      appropriate dimensions for a tbh(according to the author of the "mother" of
      all tbh web sites James D. Satterfield site).I cant remember the exactly
      dimensions of my tbh since I have worked on them last winter and I am a
      little bad in remembering numbers,but the dimmensions are about 80cm x 40cm x
      I have jumped in the world of tbh because I like the idea,I have a bit of
      simplistic taste and was very excited with the idea.I am a very young
      beekeeper with very little practical experience with bees,and I also tend to
      think in line of organic beekeeping,if that is posible these days.That is a
      big problem here because of the varroa mite.Beekeepers here are slowly
      changing into anti insect chemical warfare experts.That is not compatible
      with my views.I guess you work with africanised honey bee?
      I like your approach with using old items for hives / hives are only cavities
      for bees/ bees can also survive without any hive especially in your region.
      How many hives do you have ,are you a pro or a hobbyst?

      I live in a small town Sombor,that is close to hungarian and croatian border
      about 20 km in each direction.I guess you didnt think i live in Siberia in
      Russia.It is Serbia like Kosovo,Bosnia etc.
      All I know about Grenada is that you have experienced something similar in
      terms of war.
      What do you think about tbh,are you satisfied with them?




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