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924Re: aaagggh, my hives are so SLOW

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  • David Croteau
    Aug 11, 2007
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      8/11/07 Just checked my 4 tbh's "SLOW" is the word I would use also.
      There is absolutely no surplus honey.
      They'll have enough to over winter on I'm sure.
      One is two yrs old & is the same shape as the other three.
      Was going to convert my other three LC hives to top bars, but now I
      don't think it's a good idea, no production.
      That may be why some super them.
      Maybe we can use the natural size bees to install into Langstroth
      hives, Just the reverse of what we been doing.
      Use top bar hives as over wintering nucs.
      I harvested 300 lbs from the three Langstroth hives, Jul 15th & Aug
      5th, about 150 pounds each time.
      TBH's, "ZERO."
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