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912Re: Method for using Extractor on Comb honey?

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  • David Croteau
    Jul 23, 2007
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      Scott, how do you make a slurry?
      When I crush, it's so stiff I can't stir it?
      I bent some 1/4" wire in a U shape, stick a bar of honey in &
      extract, it works, buts it's faster to crush/strain.


      --- I just
      > crush and crush (not squeeze, I make a slurry by breaking the comb
      up, not
      > squashing it together) until the sieve is full then let it sit for
      2 days.
      > Honey although viscous has little surface tension, and so very
      little is
      > retained through capillary effect. I throw the wax in a solar
      melter I made
      > out of window frames and looks like a gardening cold frame used to
      > plants during the winter.
      > Scot McPherson
      > McPherson Family Farms
      > Davenport, IA
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      > Subject: [TopHive] Method for using Extractor on Comb honey?
      > First season with a TBH. We have no prior experience with bees, so
      > we've never "extracted" honey.
      > We have a friend with an small SS extractor for sale. Has anyone
      > devised a method for using an extractor with the TBH comb honey? In
      > reviewing the info and pictures provided here - I only see bucket
      > smashing and jack press. Those method seem fairly "messy" - not
      that I
      > against messy - but could the extractor be any messier? Could you
      > decap the comb, put it in a laundry bag, drop it in the extractor
      > basket, and spin? Or maybe not enough force??
      > Seoondly, we got a commercial package of bees 3rd week in April for
      > our first ever TBH. They had the front half totally filled by the
      > first of June. Jacqueline and Joseph had to come save us/them and
      > remove the false back and move them back. Based on this production,
      > SW Washington, would we think it's safe to remove honey in
      > July/September? I see the Labor Day [last date] and 12 bar rule of
      > thumb - but wasn't positive if this applied to a new hive also.
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