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696Update to: re-homing an existing hive

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  • Jacqueline Freeman
    Apr 5, 2007
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      The thread we used to tie the cut comb onto the bars worked really well.
      It's been less than a week and all the comb is already firmly attached
      to the bars.

      I gave a little tug to the thread on the second day and they'd already
      bitten through it on most of the bars where we used the lightweight
      thread. The embroidery thread took longer, about 4-5 days before that
      pulled free and all but one thread is out.

      I was able to leave the bars in place and gently pull the thread as it
      released and pull it all out on top without removing any bars. Amazing.

      I could also tell without even lifting the bars and disturbing the bees
      that everything was in place. I very gently started to lift each bar out
      and could feel that they had weight on them.

      It's a sunny day today and they're busy working. All is well in our
      little corner of bee world.

      By the way, the farmers who owned the building we got the bees from has
      a daughter who is a reporter. She mentioned it at the newspaper and they
      are right now writing up an article about this. I inserted some info
      about the bee problems and TBHs so hopefully this will be educational as
      well as interesting. I'll post the link if/when it goes to print.

      Friendly Haven Rise Farm
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