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584[TopHive] Top Bar Hive gettogether in Berkeley CA on Feb 7th

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  • girl mark
    Feb 6, 2007
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      We're having an East Bay (with some experienced beekeeping San
      Franciscans coming ) Top Bar Hive and organic beekeepers' meeting on
      Wednesday, from 7-9.

      The location is 730 Channing Way, Berkeley Ca 94710

      There'll be various slides and many topics for discussions planned. I'll
      serve tea- feel free to bring a sample of your honey.

      See you there!

      Hello beeks,

      Myself and K. Ruby are having a get-together for top bar hive beekeepers
      in Berkeley/East Bay area on Feb 7th. I think the meetup will be at my
      house in west Berkeley unless we have an unusually high rate of RSVP's
      in which case I"ll find another site nearby.

      Wednesday, Feb 7
      7-9 PM
      RSVP to girlmark_list_email@...
      <mailto:girlmark_list_email%40localb100.com> for exact address

      If you have photos, gear to show off, or any other object of discussion,
      feel free to bring it (we don't have a projector but can probably set up
      a largescreen computer monitor for viewing digital photos if you bring
      them on DVD).

      I have a hive in the backyard (not that we'll be able to see all that
      much of it) and I'll bring an empty screen bottom TBH and some of those
      cool cutout-handling top bars that someone from beesource invented.
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