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5Re: [TopHive] Top-bar hive discussion list - ALSO topbar drops.

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  • P.H. Rankin Hansen
    Mar 17, 2002
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      At 11:21 13-03-02 -0800, Leonard and Anita Barton wrote:

      >What benefit do I gain by getting a Yahoo ID?

      You can

      a, b, c, d and, e) use the online facilities of the discussion list,
      including file and image sharing.

      f) personalize many Yahoo settings
      g) get a free homepage at GeoCities
      h) use Yahoo Messenger
      i) a whole lot of other crap ;-)


      best regards / venlig hilsen

      P.H. Rankin Hansen
      Mølletoften 45, Gaarslev
      DK-7080 Børkop
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