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2717Re: [TopHive] “Where is everybody?"

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  • jldegy
    Aug 6, 2014
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      Hello everybody!

      Around 1950 a group of scientists were discussing about life in our Galaxy and argued that intelligent life was possibly very common.  But they agreed that they was no evidence whatsoever, when the italo-american scientist Enrico Fermi said: “Where is everybody?“ ; meaning that if the extraterrestrial beings had been so numerous, they should already be around us! 

      This is now known as the “Fermi's paradox“.  One solution to the paradox, of course, is that we are alone in the Universe, which few people really like, and there are several other solutions to the paradox...  I have now a new possible solution: “they“ are just busy taking care of their bees and won't care about us!

      This sentence came to my mind when I found your TopHive group being very quiet...

      Now that I have found “everybody“, we can perhaps end this “Where is everybody?“ conversation and start new ones, as Susan just did, and change my topic to:
      TBH as bait hive, just as Tom started (message 2705)



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