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2716Re: “Where is everybody?"

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  • tomzboxathotmaildotcom
    Aug 6, 2014
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      Hi Jean -Louis,

      My regular swarn traps are just empty inside.The bees start building comb directly to the  walls of the container. I check my traps so often that they never get much time to construct comb before I transfer them to a hive.

      I have found in my regular TBH hives that most of the "tricks" for starting combs that everyone recommends seem to work. I generally build my top bars with 'lollipop stick' guides but a piece of wax-coated string works, an empty groove works, a triangular shape with the point at the bottom with wax on it works, I have made the bottom side of  bars rough and just drawn straight lines with wax on each top bar and that works well too. I have learned that the bees know what they are doing.

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