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2708Re: “Where is everybody?"

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  • jldegy
    Aug 5, 2014
      Hi Susan:

      Thanks a lot for your quick response.
      I am glad there is life around the TB Hives! 
      And as I am typing this message, I can see lots of replies!

      Actually, I have read McCartney Taylor’s e-book on “Swarm Traps and Bait Hive“.  

      I also looked up Wyatt Mangum’s site. Quite informative. I visited his site a couple of weeks ago (and I have ordered his book) but I only discovered his section on bait hives last night.
      I understand his bait hives are just smaller TBHs with the same bar size as his regular hives, which I think is clever because it make transfer straightforward, without destroying what the swarm may have built.

      I’ll build a couple of these bait hives, both styles --McCartney and Mangum-- until next February and I’ll let you know how successful they will be!



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