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2707Re: [TopHive] TBH as bait hive - was Re: “Where i s everybody?"

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  • P.H. Rankin Hansen
    Aug 5, 2014

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      Den 05-08-2014 kl. 19:44 skrev tomzbox@... [TopHive]:
      Just to validate the idea of a TBH bait hive, for two years now I have placed a TBH in my small apiary and was pleased to observe that both hives were occupied by swarms during April or May.

      One of the hives was a "dead out' that still had combs attached to each of the top bars. The bees moved in and were immediately active in storing pollen, raising brood, etc. The second hive was empty of combs but I put a piece of comb inside as well as using lemongrass oil drops placed just inside the entrance. This hive was occupied very quickly by a swarm that originated from the Warré hive next to it.  My regular "swarm traps" were less successful than the TBHs, despite being close to the apiary as well -- only about 1/3 of the traps over the last two years were successful.

      Tom Warren
      Pleasant Hill, Oregon

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