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2631Re: Top bars Utah?

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  • Blaine Nay
    Mar 18, 2013
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      There is no standard for the dimensions of top-bar hives. The
      dimensions of mine are typical -- about 40" long, 19" wide, and 10"

      There are some members of the Utah County Beekeepers Association
      (www.utahcountybeekeepers.org) who have top-bar hives. At least one of
      them is likely to be glad to help you. I'd be glad to help, but I'm
      nearly 200 miles away. Good luck.


      > Posted by: "Amanda Bradshaw" bradshawbella@... bradshawbella
      > Date: Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:28 pm ((PDT))
      > I am not looking for a hive. I am looking for a mentor. Maybe you should
      > sell your failed hives on ebay or something. I can see why you don't like
      > TBH, I looked at the link where you bought yours. It looks ginormous and
      > cumbersome. I want to do TBH because I have children who I want to be
      > involved and we are putting in a window to keep watch on them. I want lots
      > of comb as well as honey, and I have a shoulder injury that makes Langs less
      > desirable. I assure you I have done my homework. I am a novice but I have
      > been reading about bees and have been a spectator for a number of years.
      > I thank those that live in Utah that are willing to help me out. I will
      > contact you shortly to see if I can have a tour of your hive and talk about
      > state regulations.
      > Amanda
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