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2512Re: [TopHive] Bees in cluster

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  • Robbie Mabry
    Jun 14, 2012
      I've had bees for about 30 years but always in langs. I still have langs
      but have always wanted to try the tbh. The bees I'm using are a late swarm
      from one of my langs.
      On Jun 14, 2012 11:02 AM, <elegans@...> wrote:

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      > In a message dated 6/14/2012 8:49:23 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      > robbie46@... writes:
      > I live in the Arkansas Ozarks and our flow is about over. I am feeding
      > and
      > will continue for as long as needed.
      > So much about beekeeping is adjusting to fit your location and regional
      > climate. some great nectar sources and pollen sources like golden rod and
      > asters bloom later in summer in other parts of the US which provide a late
      > summer flow. You could help them by planting for them too. sunflowers and
      > the
      > asters of all sorts are great for them. Mustards too. Besides the nectar,
      > good pollen sources are required. Don't even think about honey harvest
      > this
      > year. Unless your bees really get it on and build out. But even then think
      > in terms of only a frame or two. They'll need to get good honey stores for
      > winter. Which Top Bar hives are really good at. THe internal archetecture
      > of a TBH really is superior to a lang in terms of good wintering. At least
      > in my experience. ALSO there is huge variability in bee behavior because
      > of
      > their pedigree and genetics. If your bees were from local feral stock they
      > will have adapted to your local conditions better and will have a better
      > chance of making it. Anything can go wrong though, but don't be hard on
      > yourself if it does. I believe the bees keep us not the other way around.
      > We
      > think they are domesticated or domesticatable like a cow or hen, but they
      > are
      > wild in nature. A good thing to remember and respect!
      > Best,
      > George Mcrae
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