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2500Re: Glue for TBH?

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  • roger g
    Feb 18, 2012
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      i've use it for yrs and very satisfied with it. didn't know about food safety but i've used it putting all my hive parted together. If you get a break they wood around it will break as well, i've never seen a clean break with just the glue exposed. roger NJ

      --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, Blaine Nay <blainenay@...> wrote:
      > From  http://www.titebond.com:
      > "Titebond II Premium Wood Glue is the only leading brand, one-part
      > wood glue that passes the ANSI Type II water-resistance specification.
      > It is ideal for exterior woodworking projects, including outdoor
      > furniture, birdhouses, mailboxes, planters and picnic tables.
      > "Titebond II Premium provides a strong initial tack, fast speed of
      > set, superior strength and excellent sandability. It is FDA approved
      > for indirect food contact (cutting boards) and is ideal for radio
      > frequency (R-F) gluing systems."
      > That's what I use. I'm very satisfied with it. I also coat the
      > exterior of my hives with exterior latex paint to further protect the
      > glue as well as to extend the life to f the wood. Paint color?
      > Whatever miss-mixed paint the store has on hand.
      > Blaine
      > www.ironbee.us
      > >    Posted by: "kewisch@..." jorg@... kewisch@...
      > >    Date: Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:08 pm ((PST))
      > >
      > > What kind of glue can I use that is food-save and outdoor rated?
      > >
      > > Jorg
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