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2494Re: [TopHive] Re: New to Beekeeping Starting with top bars.

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  • elegans@aol.com
    Jan 6, 2012
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      welcome to the most exciting hobby.

      You can open your hive when the temperature is above 50 deg F. If it is
      cold the bees build a cluster which should be now close to the entrance.
      The cluster will move to the back as they consume the honey. If there is
      honey left in the front they will not come back to it when the honey in the
      back is gone, but you can rearrange the bars. As soon as it is warm enough in
      spring check them out. If they are out of honey you can feed them fondant.

      Even if you do everything right there is a chance that one or both
      colonies don't make it through the winter. Don't be discouraged and allow yourself
      to make mistakes. Good decisions come from experience and experience comes
      from bad decisions. You learn and become better.

      I strongly recommend that you contact your local beekeeper club and enroll
      in a class or find a mentor. The class is best because the contact with
      other "newbees". Twenty students have more questions than one. If you see
      your teacher open a hive or if you have a mentor present when you open your
      bees the first time you will gain the confidence that makes all the
      difference. Also, beekeepers are the nicest people and you may find some real

      In May you can split your colonies and fill the two empty hives. If your
      bees don't make it you have to buy new packages of bees. You must order them
      as soon as possible. Some suppliers take orders now.

      Where are you located?


      Here, here!

      George Mcrae

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