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23Re: [TopHive] Organic treatments for varroa and tracheal mites

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  • P.H. Rankin Hansen
    May 29, 2002
      >Steve wrote:
      > >
      > > I need to get apistan strips and menthol I guess. The last time I kept bees
      > > (22 years ago) varroa and tracheal mites were irrelevant in the U.S.

      Both varroa and trancheal mites can be handled with formic acid. Here in DK
      we use a mixture of drone brood trapping and fall-treatment with formic
      acid. In essence we place a cloth or fiber(whatever), which has been
      saturated with a measured amount of formic acid, in the hive and let the
      acid evaporate from that. It is very effective against both pests. No
      residue in wax or honey, but it may kill a weak queen now and then.

      Recommended .

      Apistan, on the other hand, leaves residue in both wax and even in the
      honey. It also bad for the bees' immune system - lowers it. The utterly
      perverted and immensely stupid practice of using Terramycin is prohibited here.


      best regards / venlig hilsen

      P.H. Rankin Hansen
      Mølletoften 45, Gaarslev
      DK-7080 Børkop
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