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2141Re: windy locations

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  • lindsey.brenda@rocketmail.com
    May 2, 2010
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      Thanks for the insight. I had talked with my husband about setting up a trellis and honeysuckle vine, or perhaps more of a plant gazebo with morning glories. The wind dies down for the most part during the brightest and hottest dry days of summer. N. Central Texas can get "mighty hot". So, shade will probably be as important an issue as wind break. The plant gazebo might help on both counts.
      I completed the TBH, we opted for 2x4's for the legs for added stability, and plan to order "survivor" bees from a source called Zia Bees. The apiary is in New Mexico, and the bees are acclimatized to our heat.
      I am discovering that there are some bee keepers out here, but, as I am new to the area it will take time to get to know everyone.
      Be Blessed,
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