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  • thebeemanuk
    May 2, 2010
      Bees are NOT creatures of the plains or open highlands; they are forest dwellers.So I would advise a simple shelter that allows a flow of air and one that allows cold air to roll down the hill side. Even a simple trellis would suffice.Dont inadvertantly create a frost pocket by blocking the downwards fall of air ( like I once did!) as this will slow-down the spring build-up and possibly kill your bees.
      I built a trllis and grew blackberry up it and it sufficed. I am in the middle of England in the Derbyshire Dales at 650 feet above sea level and it gets more wet than cold (except this year...Brrrrrr).Just use as a guage how YOU feel in the cold or heat on your hill side and build your shelter accordingly. OR make a bee house on the same style as a barn that holds calves, plenty of air-flow but reduced draught ( the type of barn with vertical slatts). I hate draughts and so do cats so bees may well feel the same!
      Big Tone
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