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1Top-bar hive discussion list

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  • PingHansen
    Mar 12, 2002
      Hi Leonard, Bill, and John

      (I left Steve out because his mail bounces)

      In order to facilitate our discussion of top-bar hives, I have
      created this discussion list.

      It is ours to do with as we wish, at the price of a small, non
      obtrusive add the bottom of each message.

      In order to prevent the spread of computer vira through this list, I
      have swicthed off the ability to attach files to messages sent to
      this list.

      This is no big loss, as there is both an area for sharing photos and
      one for sharing other files. In order to use the group facilities
      (other than the list itself), those of you that do not have an Yahoo-
      ID should consider getting one - just remember to uncheck all those
      boxes that say yes to receiving this and that information.

      best regards

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