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1972Re: [TopHive] Top Bar Hive

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  • OOWONBS@Netscape.net
    Mar 5, 2010
      > bill all i can say is thay have been beter to me than any other websight out
      there. thay are the best. i dont know you but i would bet you spend your days
      trying to bring others down because you think so little of your self, relax
      buddy you have made some horiably wrong assumptions, let me explain... for one i
      am not nor have i ever been even slightly affilated with them any any way shape
      or form other than a customer. a VERY satasfied customer.

      That can be important to mention... ;>)

      >let me ask you something bill? is there anyone that you have had a great
      experience dealing with that you might say thay are the "best"?

      Yup. Pretty rare for me or anyone.

      >Bad p.r???? ok i dont even see where you made that one up from.

      I've been following them for a while. I haven't heard yet of a customer.. just
      a customer of one of the principals. That was a very bad experience for him,
      and which cost him a lot of money, and with suddenly, NO email response.
      Since I had had v good luck with him, I did lend some credence to what he
      had said. Glad you had a positive note to add. And then there was the note
      at the end of their website that basically said, copy us and sell our freely
      given info and we'll kill ya. Some folks like a lil sugar coating on that, so
      that they can assume it's a bad joke. As these two have experience to
      affect such a thing though, it had to be taken a lil seriously. I'm not sure,
      with all that honey around, they even smiled for a pic with it, LOL! NOT
      the usual PR campaign one sees.

      >if i ever
      open a buisness i think it would be good to have one of my customers say i
      am the best.there again you dont like anything positive. you say "ultimatly
      superior" i would have to agree with you
      there, thay have been god

      "god?" or good??? (Typo? Or were they really THAT great?!? LOL!!!

      >to me as a customer, thay awlayse answer my amature
      questions without talking down to me, i appreciate tha
      t. i have been able to help them out with a few thing as far as getting the
      word out about thier hives but once agine i assure you i have no relationship
      other than being a consumer of thier goods. i apprecaiate you comments as i am
      shure all of the other readers out there neede a good laugh as well as did i. i
      have spoken my peace. thank you

      Maybe they are wiser now, (pr-wise) and also have better phone
      skills than web-site humor. Dunno... but it's really good to hear!

      So, you are doing HTBH's? One to start? Two?
      I'm learning toward Warrés, a stackable TBH.


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