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1968Re: [TopHive] Top Bar Hive

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  • OOWONBS@Netscape.net
    Mar 4, 2010
      Posted by: "jeff stull" jjm2002@xxxxx

      the best sight on the internet for top bar beekeeping is

      Tell us more how your experience was, or why you feel they
      are the best. That's an extremely lofty position to put them in.
      An owner certainly wouldn't. LOL! Besides being biased;
      they'd be setting themselves up and begging for disrespect
      from setting themselves as ultimately superior. I've never
      even heard an unbiased supporter dare stick someone
      else's neck out for them like that, LOL!

      It's certainly an interesting site and an unusual, though not
      bad, organizational situation, having a couple guys partner
      up, who are on different continents, if I understand them
      correctly. They got off to a rocky start with PR in general.

      But they do hives, not sell PR commercials to you. It will
      be nice to hear further comments from someone not
      associated with them.


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