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1920Re: New beekeeper needs help

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  • wildemagic1
    Nov 3, 2009
      If it were me and If they needed to be moved so close to winter I would cut the exess honey, you will probably need to feed them after set up.
      Then depending on the terain put them on top of a tarp and drag them to the truck or get a freind and run a sling under them.
      Either way unattended top bars hives can turn into a mess. good luck

      --- In TopHive@yahoogroups.com, "First" <willrich68@...> wrote:
      > I live in north central Alabama and have just been given 2 complete colonies of
      > bees in addition to 1000's of dollars worth of used equipment. My problem is
      > moving the hives. They have not beed tended to this whole year and the owner
      > says that there is about 200# of honey on the hives. I went and looked at the
      > hives,1 is very active as of last week and the other is about 1/4 as active as
      > the 1rst. They have about 3 supers total on each and maybe a topfeeder. They are
      > located in the bacyard on a slope,no pickup truck access. I must move these by
      > hand or with a wheelbarrow. I was supposed to get them this weekend but it
      > rained and it was to wet and slick. So I have this week to prepare more and need
      > all suggestions I can get. William
      > ps.Does anybody use this group? Light activity
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