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1919Re: [TopHive] New beekeeper needs help

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  • OOWONBS@Netscape.net
    Nov 3, 2009
      Like garden lists, beek lists can slow at this time of year.
      I'm on a dozen bee lists (or more) but this is in the bottom
      of the top 5 or so.

      As a Warré hive body is ~ 25 lbs+, I'd guess you'll have 50 lbs
      to haul up the slippery slope, per box/hive-body/section.
      A rope & helping hand might be a thought. A lil after dusk,
      good advise. Eye goggles, the minimum protection I advise.
      You don't know these bees. NO body odors./perfumes.

      Yer location???

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